ADA Compliance for Websites

Nonprofits Receive 40% Discount Off of ADA-Website Accessibility!

This is an exclusive offer ONLY through MISSION:MORE. This partnership is another example of our commitment to help nonprofits succeed online.


Person with disabilities using accessibe

MISSION:MORE and accessiBe collaborated to help Nonprofits across America make their websites ADA-compliant and to provide equal access to the disabled community.

This is all possible due to our new partnership and is an exciting development for the disabled community and for NPOs, as it will allow anyone to access important information on the web.

The #1 Fully Automated Web Accessibility Solution for ADA & WCAG Compliance

accessiBe is a groundbreaking company that specializes in making web content ADA-compliant. They have worked with some of the biggest brands in America, such as Hilton, BMW, Fiverr, Quicksilver, Seiko, Shimano, Avon, and countless others. accessiBe recognizes the importance of providing equal opportunity of access to all web users, and they have created an advanced system whereby companies can seamlessly transition to ADA compliance.

accessiBe’s services are completely automated. Its AI-based system makes automatic screen-reader adjustments, adapting in real-time to the unique requirements of various web users with disabilities.

accessiBe has developed and effortless solution that can make any website accessible, ADA and WCAG compliant within 48 hours, and it continues to self-scan for maintenance issues 24 hours a day.

Help The Disabled Navigate Your Website Content

ADA compliance is extremely important for nonprofit organizations because many of them often offer assistance to Americans with disabilities. NPOs may help disabled veterans or those with learning disabilities, and various other individuals who may fall into the category of “disabled.”

Avoid ADA Compliance Lawsuits

Aside from the moral and ethical reasons to make websites ADA-compliant, there are also a number of legal requirements to consider. Many NPOs may not be aware that ADA-compliancy is actually required by law for virtually all web content in the U.S. The consequences of not making web content ADA-compliant can be quite serious and expensive. Many nonprofits are finding this out the hard way after being sued by people with disabilities who weren’t able to access their websites.

accessiBe not only makes websites accessible for a wider range of individuals, but it also removes any possibility of lawsuits. This is why many NPOs are making the switch to ADA compliance with the help of services like those offered by accessiBe.

Exclusive 40% Discount Only Through MISSION:MORE

As a result of our new partnership with accessiBe, registered 501c3 NPOs can now receive these services at an exclusive 40% discount. This is a sign of our commitment to serve America’s disabled community and to help NPOs have a greater impact on the people they serve.

This partnership is another example of our commitment to help nonprofits succeed online. Use the link below to sign up with accessiBe and receive our exclusive 40% discount available only through Mission:More.

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