What is the Google Ad Grant?

The Google Ad Grant is a $10,000/mo in-kind donation that Google gives to nonprofits for online advertising. Ads are displayed on to help nonprofits promote their mission, events, fundraisers and more.

How does the Google Ad Grant work?

The Google Ad Grant is just like online advertising. Ads are displayed on and each time an individual searches for terms related to your nonprofit, the ad appears at the top of the page. If your nonprofit qualifies for the grant, you will receive a $10,000 advertising credit for Google Ads each month.

What if my nonprofit does not meet Google’s ad grant requirements?

At MISSION:MORE, we offer suggestions that can enhance the quality of your website and will work with you to meet requirements.

How long does it take to be approved for the Google Ad Grant?

The entire application process can take up to 30 days. Your organization must be verified through TechSoup. Once approved, you will receive an email stating that your organization has been verified.

What if I do not maintain the minimum requirements? How can I reactivate the grant?

Our team of Google Ad certified specialists ensure that you maintain Google’s monthly grant requirements. Our management services help your nonprofit continue receiving the $10,000/mo Google Ad Grant.

Why Choose A Google Certified Agency to Manage Our Google Ad Grant?

Managing the Google Ad Grant takes time and expertise. Fortunately, our certified Google Ad Grant specialists are experts in managing the grant. We provide custom ad campaigns, constant optimization and monthly reporting to ensure that your nonprofit maintains the requirements and keeps receiving the $10,000/mo grant.

How much are your management fees to maintain a Google Ad Grant?

We have a three-tier management fee structure that offers nonprofits the best package that fits their budget and achieves their marketing goals. These three packages include core management services. To determine which package best fits your organization, please contact us today.

Do you offer additional services such as website optimization or Google Analytics setup?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency for nonprofit organizations. When working with our nonprofit clients, we will offer landing page optimization recommendations, identify website issues that are negatively impacting our campaign performance and ensure that we accurately track conversions, website traffic and visitor engagement using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc.

How can I apply for the Google Ad Grant?

Before you can apply for the Google Ad Grant, you must verify that your organization meets Google’s eligibility requirements. Then, you need to register your nonprofit with TechSoup and obtain your validation token. Once you have received your validation token, you can enroll in Google for Nonprofits and apply for the Google Ad Grant.

How much does the Google Ad Grant cost?

The grant itself is free. Google actually gives you money in the form of a $10,000/mo credit that can be spent on online advertising in Google’s search results. However, due to the monthly requirements set by Google, managing the grant requires both time and expertise. This is why several nonprofits use agencies like ours to manage the grant, meet requirements and maintain the $10,000/mo.

How long does the grant last?

The grant lasts indefinitely, as long as the nonprofit remains in compliance with Google’s monthly requirements.

Are Google Ad Grants worth it?

Yes! The Google Ad Grant is a free resource that helps nonprofits promote their mission, events and fundraisers online. This helps them reach a wider audience, recruit volunteers and increase donations.

What is your expertise with nonprofit organizations and Google Ad grants?

Nonprofit organizations require a different strategic approach than other industries. Our team works with organizations to ensure that ad campaign goals are aligned with the nonprofit’s marketing objectives and help develop the Google Ad Grant into a successful online marketing channel.

We already have a Google Ad Grant but don’t know how to utilize it. Can you still help?

Absolutely! Our Google Ad Grant specialists are experts in developing the best strategies that align with your strategic planning. We collaborate with your team to determine the best tactics to achieve your overall marketing objectives and maximize the value of the grant.

How do you determine a successful Google Ad Grant campaign?

Our ad specialists will create strong mission-based keyword strategies, target specific audience markets i.e. volunteers, donors, develop clear Call-To-Actions (CTA) and identify meaningful conversion goals and KPIs to determine our success. Our team will also provide performance reports with clear insights and actionable next steps for optimizing your campaigns to achieve your mission.