Google Grant Management

What is Google Grant Management?

Glad you asked!  If we partner with your organization, we become your “Google Ad Grant Management Team” and our mission is to Help Your Nonprofit Succeed Online!  This means you will have a full-time agency that specializes in managing your $10,000 / month Google Ad Grant!

We handle the entire grant application process from start to finish. If your nonprofit doesn’t qualify for any reason, there is no cost to your organization so there is no risk to apply!

Once your nonprofit is awarded the grant, the exciting part begins to happen!  Our team of ad grant management specialists begin developing your campaign to drive a tremendous amount of awareness to your organization. We work directly with your organization’s team to create evergreen ads, fundraising ads, event ads, volunteer recruiting ads, online sales ads, and more!  Your advertising campaign will begin to blossom and you will begin to experience traffic to your website like never before!  

The cost of our comprehensive Google Grant Management Services is only $399/mo.  Check out all the services you will receive!

Comprehensive Google Grant Management!

  • RManaged by Google Ad Certified Professionals
  • RImplement ads for nonprofit’s strategic goals
  • RPromote all services, events, donations drives, etc
  • ROffer website landing page suggestions
  • RConduct keyword research & optimization
  • RSet-up geo targeting
  • RAdd call extensions
  • RManage Google Tag Manager*
  • RManage Google Analytics*
  • ROrganize Campaign Structure
  • R Create ad groups
  • RAd creation & revision
  • RManage negative keyword lists
  • RCampaign performance monitoring
  • RResolve compliance issues
  • RMonthly courtesy call
  • RMonthly reporting
  • RFull-time support

WE NEVER CHARGE EXTRA: While competitors charge extra for Google Analytics* and Google Tag Manager* management, we don’t!  We never have, we never will!  That’s because these tools are required to view data results of your campaign in order to make it successful. Without utilizing these tools, campaign management and optimization cannot be performed properly, thus wasting your time, money and grant resources. You shouldn’t be charged extra for a required management tool.

Why Should We Choose MISSION:MORE?

Well without sounding bias, because we’re the best! (Ok, that sounds a bit biased)  But bottom line, we offer the most comprehensive grant management services for the best price. You will also be partnering with a team that is extremely passionate about helping nonprofits succeed online! (It’s even our motto!)

Here are a few more reasons:

Google Certified

All of our account managers are Google Ad Certified and continuously stay up-to-date with the latest Google grant updates and changes. Managers must get re-certified each year.

Data Experts

It’s all about the data. We analyze your campaign’s data, optimize and implement the best actionable steps for your campaign and report back with measurable results.

No Risk

There are no long term contracts or fine print. In fact, if your nonprofit does not receive the grant for any reason, you pay nothing!

Results Driven

We are passionate about your success! We are laser focused on producing positive results for your campaign with data to back it!

We encourage you to view our CORE VALUES which are extremely important to us.

You Can Also Earn Free Management!

We love our nonprofits and many of them refer other nonprofits to us. As a result, we want to give back! Once we partner with your organization and you refer us to a nonprofit that also partners with us, we give you a FREE month of management services! The nonprofit you refer will also receive 50% off their first month!  It’s a win, win situation!

This is exciting! How Do We Get Started?

Getting started is easy!.   Simply call us at 281-693-5372 or complete our short application form. We handle all the heavy lifting but we will need a dedicated contact person on your team available throughout the process.