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With the detrimental impact of COVID-19, churches have taken a tremendous financial hit. Events have been cancelled, funds and donations have come to a halt, and their doors have remained closed for months. However, Governor Greg Abbott recently announced that churches could open May 2020 at 25% capacity. 

With churches finally opening their doors, the next question we should ask ourselves is how will they bring people in? How can churches advertise their services, sermons and fundraising opportunities to help them eventually return to a new normal? 

Here are a few ways that churches can promote sermons and services to bring individuals back into their doors and their community.

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  • Advertising Online

Considering that so many users are turning to online platforms for answers and updates during this time, it’s crucial that churches have an online presence. The Google Ad Grant can help churches advertise their organization online. This can promote awareness of online worship services or events and bring new members through the doors. 

The $10,000/mo in-kind donation allows churches to advertise directly on Google. Now churches that did not previously have a large marketing budget can spend up to $10,000/mo on PPC campaigns. It is a great opportunity for churches to promote their mission, worship services, new sermons and events.  

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing has grown increasingly popular and is a great resource for churches that are in need of promoting new guidelines or rules for their Sunday services and events. With so many changes and a new normal, churches should send weekly email blasts to keep their members updated.

  • Social Media

Stated previously, individuals are online more than ever before. This is why remaining active on social media is critical during this time. By remaining active on social media, churches show members that they are also active in the community. 

It is a simple and effective way to promote events and worship services, whether they be in person or online. Promoting such events allows churches to maintain their online presence and voice. Engaging with church members online promotes relationships and loyalty, which is important now that church doors are opening again. 

As we continue to move towards a new normal, one thing will remain, the power of online. By advertising online, churches can promote their events, sermons and services. The $10,000/mo Google Ad Grant, email marketing and social media allow churches to provide relevant information, online and directly to their audience. 

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