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This month, we’re honored to feature LifeHouse Houston, a Christ-based organization that provides housing assistance for pregnant women and single mothers.  Mothers of all ages benefit from housing, education, and a renewed sense of hope when they stay at LifeHouse of Houston.

The LifeHouse of Houston

About LifeHouse Houston

LifeHouse Houston is a nonprofit organization built on the foundation of Christianity and provides opportunities for housing, help, and hope for women during their pregnancies.  This organization recognizes that many women who are expecting children may be left with few options. Located just two miles away from the largest Planned Parenthood facility in the Western Hemisphere, LifeHouse provides pregnant women with another option – one that ends in life for their unborn children. 

Constructed on a property that was once a place of worship, LifeHouse provides two secure, housing residences that can house up to 12 pregnant women at a time. During their stay at LifeHouse, these women have access to a range of services, including life skills training, meals, prenatal care, and much more. 

LifeHouse Houston is one of the few maternity homes in the state that opens its doors to minors as young as 12. To date, this nonprofit organization has helped more than 600 women who have chosen to welcome their children into the world, despite their economic and personal limitations.

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30 Years of Achievements

LifeHouse Houston recently celebrated 30 years of incredible achievements as a nonprofit organization. After beginning their journey in 1988, LifeHouse initiated a comprehensive life skills program, offering young women a chance to pursue self-improvement while waiting for their children to arrive.  In 2006,  this remarkable nonprofit expanded with a second South Campus, doubling the number of women who could benefit from their services. 

In 2012, LifeHouse began its LifeLine Outreach Ministry. Four years later, they opened a third home in Richmond – but later chose to close this location and focus on a more centralized system within their two pre-existing homes. In 2017, LifeHouse took another important step forward, opening the Marietta Home. This aftercare ward now provides young mothers with assistance even after they have delivered their children. In 2018, LifeHouse celebrated thirty years of incredible service and  achievements.

What Makes LifeHouse Special?

LifeHouse is a truly special nonprofit organization for a number of reasons. First of all, LifeHouse serves primarily young mothers, some of whom are in their teens. While these young women are often told that giving birth to their children is not the best choice, LifeHouse provides them with another option. 

There is no financial cost associated with staying at LifeHouse, which makes this an ideal choice for pregnant teens who have few economic resources. LifeHouse provides young mothers with the freedom to choose, and it allows them to accept the responsibility of being a mother if that’s what they want. LifeHouse’s services are never forced upon a teen mother who doesn’t want to take the route of life. 

During their stay at LifeHouse, these young women can pursue a healthy, normal life. Their friends and family can visit, and they can continue their education. In addition, these young women can pursue career opportunities while staying at LifeHouse if they already have their GED. Volunteering opportunities are also available for women who want to do something positive and productive while waiting for their child to arrive. 

When the time comes to deliver the child, these young mothers are taken to Bayshore Medical Center in Pasadena, Texas. This is one of the most advanced medical facilities in the state, and LifeHouse’s mothers are given the very best treatment as they welcome their children into the world. 

While most women leave LifeHouse after giving birth, there’s also the option to remain at an aftercare facility. This provides new mothers with an opportunity to plan their next move and recuperate. At this point, LifeHouse continues to educate these new mothers and provide them with resources so they can plan for a new life with their new family. 


Please Donate & Volunteer

If you feel inspired by LifeHouse Houston, you can help them achieve even more. Visit Lifehouse Houston today to learn all about this organization. If you want to lend a helping hand to LifeHouse, please check out their Volunteer Opportunities today. This organization is always looking for new volunteers, and you can make a positive impact by joining their team. 

If you’re ready to provide financial support to LifeHouse, you can help this organization grow and expand today. Follow this link to make a tax deductible donation and provide LifeHouse with the resources it needs to help more young mothers who are choosing life for their unborn children. 

Even if you can’t volunteer or donate, you can spread the word about LifeHouse Houston today. Please share this article with friends and family and join us in celebrating the wonderful achievements made by this nonprofit organization.