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Nonprofit Spotlight: The WorkFaith Connection


We are proud to focus this month’s nonprofit spotlight on The WorkFaith Connection based out of Houston, TX. The WorkFaith Connection is a highly-organized job search program designed to provide effective and comprehensive services to men and women who have become discouraged in their job search. They supply the tools, skills, and confidence needed for a successful transition back into the workforce. 


The WorkFaith Connection | Job placement program

About The WorkFaith Connection

As a faith-based 501(c)(3) with Christ-centered values, “[The WorkFaith Connection] has served Houston’s unemployed for over 13 years and helped obtain over 6,500 jobs and counting.” The COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting all areas of the local and state economies along with record-level unemployment. It’s paramount to highlight the mission of The WorkFaith Connection as they help rebuild and encourage the lives in their community.



Enormous Community Impact & Inspiration

The WorkFaith Connection, founded in 2006, addresses the challenges of unemployed citizens and provides their students with Christ-centered values. They pair these values with a renewed sense of confidence and critical skills needed for a prosperous transition back into the workforce.

Job search resources provided through The WorkFaith Connection helps deliver earnings and encouragement for those suffering from long-term unemployment, addiction, and those struggling with re-entering the workforce for extended periods of time. The WorkFaith Connection develops innovative, results-proven job readiness programs that emphasize career development and long-term success. Serving over 5,300 men and women, they have successfully accumulated wages totaling $260 million and still continues to grow.

WorkFaith’s reach extends to encompass a broad cross-section of Houston’s diverse and capable unemployed population. Our program is designed to help anyone get back to work. These men and women become providers and role models within their homes and communities. Work fosters dignity and we are proud to generate a positive impact on those looking to create a new life. Following our program, 78% of WorkFaith’s graduates become employed and more than half are retained with the same employer a year later. As men and women return to work, families are provided for and poverty is alleviated. Employed individuals’ need for government assistance is reduced and, for those with criminal backgrounds, employment greatly reduces recidivism.


Programs & Resources

Many graduates of The WorkFaith Connection programs have struggled with both common and uncommon barriers to employment such as layoffs, re-entering the job market after an extended absence (such as moving or raising children), transitioning from prison, or recovering from addiction among many other challenges. Some have simply been on the job search for too long and need hope.

Through the Job Readiness Boot Camps and Career Advancement services, participants are able to develop skills such as interview techniques, focused job search plans, and resume tips along with access to an immense network of partnered employers with open positions.

In addition to Job Readiness Boot Camps and Career Advancement services, The WorkFaith Connection also partners with a vast pool of employers that are eager to assist in their mission and job placement. By providing free access to all of The WorkFaith Connection’s Employer Services, employers can utilize their staffing service, gain access to job coaches to resolve workplace issues or conflicts, and can also take advantage of various tax incentives. 

Most importantly, employers can directly support and provide The WorkFaith Connection’s graduates with an opportunity to reenter the workforce after completing their job readiness program.


WorkFaith Connection student graduating WorkFaith Readiness Program


Please Donate & Volunteer

If you would like to support The WorkFaith Connection’s mission in the community in addition to learning about the other ways that their organization provides a beacon of hope in the Greater Houston Area, please visit www.workfaithconnection.org or call 713.984.9611.

For those who are interested in volunteering at the WorkFaith Connection, please contact their Lead Volunteer Coordinator at 713.936.9052 or visit https://workfaithconnection.org/volunteer/

Giving matters, too. Your financial support will sustain future programs and help widen The WorkFaith Connection’s outreach efforts. All donations are tax-deductive. Please visit https://workfaithconnection.org/give/ to make a donation today. 

Please join us in celebrating The WorkFaith Connection and the positive impact their job readiness program provides to Houston’s unemployed.