Just recently, the city of Houston announced a stay-at-home order for all things but essentials such as groceries or medical needs. This can prove to be quite detrimental to not only corporate businesses, but nonprofits as well.

Nonprofits rely heavily on social events, galas and charity races for donations and funding. Due to the stay-at-home order, nonprofits are unable to promote and host such events. Fortunately, the $10,000/mo Google Ad Grant helps nonprofits promote their organization, mission, events and services online.

  1. Online Donor Drives

While the stay-at-home order no longer allows nonprofits to host charity events, nonprofits can still promote their donor drives and fundraisers online. In fact, this is a great opportunity to advertise for donations.

By utilizing the Google Ad Grant, nonprofits can promote their donor drives at the top of the Google search page. This allows online users to still access the nonprofit’s donation pages and submit donations. It’s a great advertising tactic, especially during the time of COVID-19 as many nonprofits can no longer host events to raise money.

Apart from monetary donations, nonprofits can also advertise other donor drives such as food drives. This can prove to be quite significant at a time like this, where several households are in need of food or even toiletries, hand soap and sanitary products.

  1. Online Sermons

Due to COVID-19, several churches have begun to transition into virtual or video sermons. Fortunately, the Google Ad Grant helps churches promote their online sermons. Churches can advertise their pre-recorded or live sermons to the public. This allows their congregation and church members to still remain connected as a community.

  1. Online Services or Classes

Several nonprofits and churches offer online services such as counseling, educational classes or programs. Due to the lack of outdoor and recreational activity, this is a great time to promote said online services.

For instance, several churches offer online prayer services. At a time like this, it’s critical that churches can still provide this service to their community. Fortunately, the Google Ad Grant is a great way to advertise online. Simply include the link in the Google advertisement and individuals can visit and join the prayer service directly.

Although the coronavirus has put a hold on businesses, functions, gatherings and more, nonprofits can still utilize the Google Ad Grant to promote their organization mission, services and drives.


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